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After the success of last semester’s Popcorn, Würzburg University’s English Drama Group is proud to present
WLM SHXPR : A New Play
by William Shakespeare and Daniel Morgenroth (EDG)

This year the world is celebrating 400 years of Shakespeare (1616-2016), and as an English-speaking drama group we couldn’t help but join the celebrations by producing a play that is based on Shakespeare’s works and yet also contains new and original material. In our latest production, seven of the most famous scenes of Shakespeare’s dramas and some of the best-known sonnets of his poetic oeuvre are interwoven with modern settings and songs. The audience will be guided through the scenes by one of three narrator figures, who are the addressees of Shakespeare’s sonnets: the Fair Youth, the Dark Lady, and the Rival Poet. They will each relate their experiences with S. to the spectators while taking them from scene to scene, accompanied by a musician. At the end of the play, all characters – Shakespearian and modern – will come together for a grand finale.

Performances take place at Bürgerbräu-Gelände in Würzburg’s Zellerau. Starting point is the Biergarten, where the audience will have a chance to enjoy refreshments before the show starts (and afterwards, of course).

Performance Dates
Monday, 4 July: 8:30pm
Tuesday, 5 July: 8:30pm
Friday, 8 July: 8:30pm
Saturday, 9 July: 8:30pm

@ Bürgerbräu-Gelände, Würzburg (Zellerau), Frankfurter Str. 87

Please note that tickets must be reserved or purchased in advance. If you wish to reserve tickets, please contact Fr. Kernahan at 0931-3181125. Tickets are priced at €5 (students) and €7 (non-students).